• Reset China

    We help developers to succeed in China

  • Who We Are

    Reset China is a part of Reset PR, based in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Paris, France and in Shenzhen, China.


    We have native Chinese persons in our team.


    Reset China is offering 3 services to game and applications developers:


    1) Handling of the Chinese Administration

    2) Handling of the distribution platforms on mobiles and PC

    3) Promotion: PR and Marketing

    If you wish to arrange an engagement, please CONTACT US

  • Chinese Administration

    Publishing an App or a game requires the same approvals than a book or a film in China. The process is very long, from 2 to 4 months. This is why we recommend to send us a walkthrough video of your product, that our team will analyse and check before to submit it to the Chinese regulator. The main things to avoid are: sex, excessive violence and politics.

    Digital Distribution

    On mobiles, Apple Store is similar to the one you know, but on Android, there are many stores to deal with. On PC, Steam is quite popular but with a high danger of being no longer accessible even with a VPN one day. Chinese PC digital distribution is growing fast and there is now a few very big stores such as Alibaba or Wegame (Tencent). Once the product is in store, the work really starts as Chinese customers love bargain and special operations, and payments from platforms have to be closely followed.

    PR and Marketing

    Reset PR is in regular contact with 800 bloggers, influencers and journalists covering apps and videogames. The Chinese influencers are far more powerfull than the western big ones, some of them gathering hundreds of millions followers. The ad market is very dynamic and easily connected to the sales, allowing to add budget on the flow.

  • Meet Our Team

    Our Chinese Market specialists

    Managing Director, Shenzhen Office

    PR Manager, based in Paris

    Business Development Manager

    Administration Manager

    Take Off Creative Studio partner

  • How long does it take

    to publish a product in China



    2 to 3 months in general


    Distribution deals

    2 to 3 weeks

    then daily follow up



    1 month of preparation

    then 3 months of launch

  • The Chinese Market

    The biggest market WW for videogames


    Preparation: 3 months